Thursday, September 28, 2017

Going To Shantytown

              Going To Shantytown
Going to Shantytown  was fun. Before we went I was so excited but nervous and scared. Finally we got all packed up and went in the cars. I went with Billy.When we got there the lady told us to listen carefully to all the rules, so we did. Then she told us, when we got to the railway crossing to stop, look and listen.

Because I was the oldest I got to be her helper she told me. After we walked into the class she told Mrs Gray to get the boys clothes  and get them changed and she took the girls.  we got to choose what dress we wanted. they were cool all the adits got dressed as wal

It was funner than sitting on the clouds! Going in the train falt cool but at the end she told jeremiah to get off the train and help the girls get off even though we did not need help!

The best parts for me was the train ,being the oldest and being the helper.

                Shantytown was fun!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My Amazing Writing About Professor Plum

Professor plum is a really dangerous criminal although he hasn't done anything bad for years. But for the last one year he has been preparing a potion that can destroy the whole world. He has not gone to sleep for the last one year because he wants to get it right and. if he goes to sleep he will forget everything and his mission to destroy the world will not be successful. He once was a teenager that will always pass in his math,reading and science. lucky science was his favorite subject in high school. So he already  knows a lot of stuff about science. It’s five months later and he is ready to destroy the world.
Will he be able to destroy the world or not?

The thing  that I found hard  that I had to fell like being the professor.

maths time

This is the maths learning  I shared at assembly.